Managing Customer Expectations

‘The Customer is always right’ ………Really?¬†

complaintIt’s true that some customers are very challenging, and while that doesn’t make them always right, it’s the percieved level of Customer Service that’s often the way that customers measure how good a business is.

But in truth it’s the way that Businesses manage customer expectations that make them truly successful. The old adage of ‘under promise, over deliver’ is true in all kinds of business. But the pressure on individuals within an organisation to do whatever the customer asks, to meet their deadlines, to provide their level of service, at their cost levels, is very high, particularly in businesses where competition is high

This course takes a practical approach to ways to manage customer expectations, and through good management, to avoid costly complaints.

 Course outline:

  • What is Customer Expectation and Customer Services?
  • What should Customers expect?
  • Why are Expectations different from Reality?
  • Client Care policies
  • Customer-focussed not Customer-centric
  • Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with Customers
  • Customer Expectation excercises