Course Duration: One-day course

The principles of effective selling


SellingAn effective sales team is one of the most important assets of a successful organisation. Having a great product or service is no good unless potential customers hear about its benefits and how it can help them meet their needs.

This course is designed for those new to sales or those that have never really had any formal training on how to sell effectively. It will introduce the concept of ‘Developmental Selling’ with the focus clearly on the customer and how the function of the salesperson is to identify and meet the needs of the customer.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the core principles customer-focussed ‘Developmental Selling’
  • Plan effective sales calls both face-to-face and on the telephone
  • Use a structured process in order to define customers’ needs and requirements
  • Be able to sell a product/service based on its benefits to the buyer, not just its features
  • Evaluate their own selling characteristics and qualities and to develop a plan of how to improve their effectiveness

Course Content:


  • Course objectives
  • What is selling?

Analysing the Product:

  • The Product Model – Core, Actual and Augmented features
  • Importance of selling Benefits rather than features

Profiling a Customer:

  • Developing a Customer Profile
  • Reaching the Decision Maker

Qualities and Characteristics of Salespeople:

  • Are good salespeople born or developed?
  • Appraising your own sales characteristics
  • Using SMART objectives to develop selling skills
  • The Science of Persuasion

The Sales Process:

  • Overview of Sales Models
  • The 7-Step selling process
  • Questioning and Listening skills
  • Developing Presenting skills

Handling Objections and Closing a sale:

  • Turning objections into opportunities

Creating an Action Plan:

  • Planning to become a better salesperson