Course Duration: One-day course

Successful Project Management

canstockphoto8911973Project Management techniques and tools are being used by more and more business organisations, and not just for large expensive projects. Any task that requires preparation to achieve an outcome can benefit from using the methods of Project Management.

Unfortunately in the UK it is estimated that only one in eight business projects achieve their objectives. Why is this?


This course is ideal for a manager whose role involves the development of new ideas, techniques or working practices, or the development of new products & marketplaces. 

Knowledge of Project Management principles will benefit anyone concerned with achieving an organisations goals.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the definition of a Project and the processes that must take place in order for it to be successful
  • Identify the roles of a Project Team and how to manage the team
  • Analysed the skills required of a Project Manager and Assessed their own skills and abilities
  • Examined a number of tools for Project Planning and Problem Analysis
  • Produced personal Project Management development plans*

Course Content:


  • Course objectives
  • What is a Project?
  • the characteristics of a Project
  • why organisations undertake Projects

What a successful Project Team looks like:

  • Project Manager vs. Project Leader
  • Skills of a Project Manager
  • The roles and responsibilities within a Project Team
  • Development and Evolution of a Project Team

The Project Management process:

  • The Five-Phases of a Project
  • Communication skills within Project Management

Planning and Implementing a Project:

  • Relationships between tasks
  • Using Gantt Charts and Critical Path Analysis
  • Using IT-based Project Management packages 
  • Handling Risk within a Project
  • Problem Solving techniques
  • Managing, Monitoring and Controlling a Project
  • Completing and Evaluating a Project

Creating a personalised Project Development Action Plan:

  • Completing an initial Project Management Plan for a specific project*
  • Formulating an Action Plan for the development of further Project Management skills

* delegates should have details of a specific project that they would like to develop for use in the practical planning sections of the course