Course Duration: One-day course

Presentation Skills

BPE1Glossophobia (fear of Public Speaking) affects over 75% of people – that’s more than the number who admit to being scared of dying!
This is a course that every businessperson needs.


Being able to effectively present is a key skill that anyone in business needs to acquire. It can be to potential customers, to existing clients, to internal staff, management, external colleagues, or competitors. It is a skill that when done correctly is very impressive, but when it’s done badly…… disastrous!

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • Learned the three main stages of creating an effective presentation; pre-presentation planning, performing the presentation, and post-presentation activities.
  • Practised, demonstrated and analysed presentation techniques through two recorded presentations
  • Investigated the correct use of visual aids and created suitable examples
  • Practised methods of controlling nerves, aspects of body-language, and projecting their voice in a professional situation 

Course Content:

Delegates should prepare a 10-minute presentation on any topic of their choice to be analysed at the beginning of the course. The second presentation should be on a work-related topic. There will be some time to work on this during the course but all materials and information should have been collected beforehand. Both presentations will be analysed by the group.


  • Course objectives
  • Presentation 1 and analysis

Three stages of a good presentation:

  • Pre-Presentation planning
  • During the presentation – the skills and techniques of presenting
  • Post-presentation activities

Presentation skills:

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Voice projection
  • Body language

Using visual aids:

  • Flipcharts, Powerpoint, Prezi and beyond

Interactive presentations:

  • The benefits of audience participation

Presentation 2 and analysis:

  • Recorded presentation & group analysis

Creating an Individual Action Plan:

  • Developing individual strategies