Course Duration: One-day course

Effective Management Skills


vector colorful symbols of peopleThe role of Manager is important in any successful organisation. But very often staff who are put into this role are not given the tools they need to manage effectively.

This course is designed for those beginning a Management role. It deals with aspects such as Communication, Planning and Motivation in a very ‘hands-on’ practical approach

Course Objectives:

 By the end of this course participants will have:

  • Understood what attributes make an effective Manager
  • Examined and Assessed their own Management skills
  • Investigated different styles of Management and recognised their own preferred Management style
  • Practised techniques of Communication
  • Reviewed ways to Motivate individuals
  • Created an Individual Action Plan to develop their Management skills

Course Content:


  • Course Objectives
  • What makes a good Manager?

The Skills & Attributes of an Effective Manager:

  • Power, Authority & Influence
  • Analysis of personal Management skills
  • Management styles – which style best suits me?

Creating and Managing a successful team:

  • Qualities and Characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Analysing team roles and effectively managing their performance

Influencing and Working with others:

  • Communication theories and their application
  • What Motivates people? Putting the theories into practice
  • Managing and Monitoring performance
  • Setting SMART targets and objectives
  • Handling difficult situations

Creating an Individual Action Plan:

  • Formulating an Action Plan for the Development and Management of a high-performing team
  • Planning and Organisational skills
  • Planning for further development of Management skills