Course Duration: One-day course

Creative selling techniques

improve your skillsIntroduction:

This course is for salespeople who have experience of a selling role and who would benefit from a closer examination of their own sales technique and discussion with other delegates on how to improve their skills.

It is very much a ‘hands-on’ approach to how individuals assess their own characteristics, skills, and strengths as well as identifying any weaknesses in technique and character.

The aim of the course is to encourage experienced professionals to become more effective through self-analysis and establishing an individual action plan to facilitate development.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be have:

  • Reviewed their own level of sales performance based on the profile of a Professional Salesperson
  • Discussed with other sales professionals creative techniques for success in competitive sales environments
  • Practised creative methods of persuasive sales techniques
  • Created an individual Actual Plan for development of skills and techniques

Course Content:


  • Course objectives
  • Review of Selling Principles

The Sales Professional model:

  • Qualities and Characteristics of successful sales professionals
  • Self-analysis of qualities and characteristics in relation to the Sales Professional ideal
  • Examination of personal strengths and weaknesses

Practicing Creative selling techniques:

A number of progressive sales techniques will be investigated in a series of workshop situations designed to help the salesperson to add value to their sales delivery.

  • Thinking like a buyer – Understanding the Buying Motive
  • Developmental Selling – why developing relationships is just as important as producing sales
  • UPBs vs USPs
  • The Creative Sales process
  • Listen, don’t Sell
  • FOWYC – Focus On What You Control

Creating an Action Plan:

  • Formulating individual Action Plans to become a Creative salesperson
  • Creating SMART Evaluation Milestones to monitor success