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 Why training is vital to your organisation’s development

For many organisations their most important asset is their staff. Their knowledge, ideas, experience and their desire to develop themselves and the organisation to be successful is fundamental in order to grow as an organisation and individual.

 So what is your organisation doing to promote this?

 Are you offering your employees sufficient Training opportunities?

  • Training promotes employee satisfaction
  • Training enhances staff retention
  • Training encourages employees to be confident in suggesting new ideas
  • Training ensures that the organisation meets particular industry compliances
  • Training improves the image of an organisation

Business People silhouette40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions in the first year

When one worker leaves:

  • Company Productivity slips
  • Current staff members are required to work more hours
  • Morale suffers
  • Time and money is spent finding a replacement
  • Additional time is spent interviewing new applicants
  • Time and costs are required to train the new employee
  • …….and of course there is the risk that you don’t get anyone as good as who you’ve lost!

 Best Practice East can tailor-make a training course to help you retain and develop the right people, enable staff to achieve their potential, and therefore help your organisation to become more successful

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